Complaints Procedure

At Car Vend LTD, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to address any concerns or issues promptly and effectively. If you have a complaint regarding a vehicle purchase, we encourage you to follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Contact Us: In the event of an issue or dissatisfaction with your vehicle purchase, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible. You can reach us by phone, email, or in person at our dealership.

  2. Provide Details: When contacting us with a complaint, please provide detailed information about the nature of the issue, including the vehicle's make, model, and purchase date. Be specific about the problem you're experiencing and any relevant documentation or evidence you may have.

  3. Investigation: Upon receiving your complaint, Car Vend LTD will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. This may involve reviewing the terms of sale, inspecting the vehicle in question, and consulting with relevant parties, including warranty providers if applicable.

  4. Resolution: Once the investigation is complete, we will work to find a fair and reasonable resolution to address your complaint. This may involve offering repairs, replacements, or other appropriate remedies, depending on the nature of the issue and the terms of the sale.

  5. Communication: Throughout the process, we will keep you informed of our progress and any decisions made regarding your complaint. Our goal is to ensure clear and open communication to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

  6. Final Decision: While we strive to resolve complaints amicably, please understand that Car Vend LTD reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the resolution of any dispute. This decision will be made in accordance with our terms and conditions, including any applicable warranty provisions.

  7. Escalation: If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our internal complaints process, you may have further recourse through legal channels or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. However, we encourage you to exhaust our internal process first to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution.

We value your feedback and take complaints seriously at Car Vend LTD. Our aim is to address any issues promptly and fairly to maintain our reputation for excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Thank you for your cooperation in following our complaints procedure.