Customer Reviews

Bought my first car, a 2009 Ford Fiesta. Absolutely amazing car, low mileage and no issues. Took it out for a test drive and had all needed documents. They helped me with my final step to more freedom and responsibility. No fuss or hassle.
Kallum Styles
4 months ago
Excellent customer service.
Dylan Powell
5 months ago
I purchased a BMW 1 series from CarVend. The car was in a really good condition for its age. The process was easy. I would recommend.
sami chapman
5 months ago
The customer service was extremely good. They were very professional and helpful and explained the process well. I exchange my car swiftly without any problems. I would definitely recommend!
Abu Bakar
6 months ago
Great and nice everything was said about the car and i got offered ablower price
Kacper Leszczynski
6 months ago
A great, reliable and honest service!
6 months ago
Yeah I would definitely recommend to others, very pleasant man and informative. Was very helpful as I didn't know much about vehicles.
Tanna Way
7 months ago